rita meier

Rita Meier was born in Switzerland. Her passion for stone brought her to Pietrasanta (Tuscany) in 1989, where she learned the sculpting skills from the local craftsmen and artists in various studios over the years.She has participated in shows in Switzerland and Italy. She lives and works in Pietrasanta.At on form Rita Meier is showing parts of her seedpod series, which she has been working on over the last couple of years, consisting of various shapes in white and coloured marbles and stones. The artist’s versions are adaptations of nature’s true forms.Marble is my preferred medium to work with. It is an everlasting material yielding itself perfectly to sculpting. Its inherent beauty and character of colour, density, quality, translucency at times, influence the creative process to reveal what lays in it. My preferred technique is direct carving.I am inspired by nature and human interactions. The seedpod is the carrier and protector of future lives; it is perfectly adapted to its environment. Their shapes are of great varieties and therefore a wonderful inspiration.