richard perry

Richard’s recent work is an exploration of the juxtaposition between organic freeform and geometric sculpture. A conflict between careful planning and intuitive adjustment arises in the process of creating these sculptures, resulting in illusory forms that strive to break free from an underlying rationale.

“…endlessly inventive and quizzical exploration of what form and material might be able to achieve in space that is both real and imagined. Perry opens up possibilities for what sculpture might achieve were we to crack open our three physical dimensions and discover one, two, three or more…” . David Manley

Richard studied Fine Art at Leeds, graduating in 1981. His sculpture, drawing and painting have been exhibited widely, including recent solo shows in London and Nottingham. He has also fulfilled many commissions for large sculpture in public spaces, notably the Starstone in Armagh, Fountain Trees in Basingstoke and the design and carving of the stone work for the remodelled Peace Gardens in Sheffield, which received a RIBA National Urban Design Award.

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