nick turvey

Nick Turvey graduated in 2006 with an MA from the Royal College of Art in London. Since then he has exhibited his sculpture internationally, and won a number of large public commissions. In 2008 he received a bursary from the Royal British Society of Sculptors, in 2009 an award from Arts Council England, and in 2010 the Brian Mercer Award for Stonecarving.

I’ve made films, created objects, studied architecture and glassblowing, invented things, explored, started businesses, grown stuff, I don’t really see a distinction. Lived right, life is creative. As an artist, I consider myself a General Practitioner. I like cartoons, physics, parasites, shampoo advertisements, Samuel Beckett. It amazes me to be consciousness, in a body. My practice is the process of coming to terms with this, working out what to think, and how to live. I want to communicate my findings, things people may have sensed but been unable to articulate, or perhaps not even noticed, drawing the viewer into experiences that are shared, visceral, emotional. Materials already contain feelings, ideas, history, so that making and doing are my way of thinking, using materials rather like musical instruments, as a means to produce experience. Ideas spring into the mind fully formed.. I proceed by instinct and experiment.