Lotte Thuenker

Lotte Thuenker studied Architecture in Berlin and worked there as an architect for several years. In 1997 she moved to Italy and is one of the three founders of the international sculpture studio, Studio Pescarella, in Pietrasanta. She now lives and works in Italy and Berlin.

Lotte Thuenker finds her inspiration in the movement of water, the hulls of boats and shipwrecks eroded by the sea, as well as in the elements. She explores the realm where greatest opposites are possible and united in one thing: the inert mass is set in motion; it is given lightness and settles down again as if nothing had happened.

The shapes of her sweeping sculptures stretch in a perfect play between loops, spirals and finely drawn curves that change dynamically – between ellipses and parabolas, circles and segments. High-gloss surfaces are next to velvety rough parts; precise cutting lines and fracture marks go into highly polished areas. The sculptures seem alive: they turn, strive, roll out, look curiously into the world or seem to slip into the sea or air, always on the move.