jon isherwood

Delicately incised with unpredictable surface patterns, Jon Isherwood’s sculptures explore the multifaceted qualities of stone. In Singer of Tales, carved lines contour the surface, compressing and distorting the sculpture’s form. By experimenting with different finishes and using hi-tech carving techniques, Jon attains an uncompromised precision in his treatment of the sculpture’s exterior. Each work calls to attention the colour, volume and shape of the stone. Their contorted forms appear to make the marble seem soft and squishy, a remarkable feat for such a dense material. 
Jon was born in Yorkshire in 1960. He studied at Leeds College of Art, Canterbury College of Art and at Syracuse University, where he graduated in 1987. Jon was a protégé of Anthony Caro, working as a sculpture technician and from 1988–93 as a participating artist at Caro’s Triangle Artists’ Workshop in New York. He began working with stone in the early 1990s. Jon is the founder of The Digital Stone Project and is on the board of directors of Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota; Leeds College of Art; Canterbury College of Art; Syracuse University. Jon currently lives and works in the United States.