frederic chevarin

Frederic has learnt the skill of stone carving from various sculptors and stonecutters in France and Italy. He was particularly influenced by a well known Italian sculptor, Vasco Montecchi, who showed him the way to animate and sculpt marble. In 2008, Frederic was elected an Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, which allowed him to start a privileged mentoring scheme with Helaine Blumenfeld, OBE, FRBS. He has exhibited widely in the UK a new work, Souls in Love, has been bought for the Peace Pagoda Memorial Park in Milton Keynes. Frederic’s motivation is about finding happiness and hope by carving ideas inspired by nature. His inspiration is matured from a precise idea to a model in clay. The clay is then transposed into a block of alabaster. During the carving process, the alabaster becomes a flowing movement. The lightness of the artwork becomes pure light thanks to the incredible translucence of the material and his “carving thin” technique. This very last phase allows his sculptures to distance themselves from technique, machines, hard work, materials and the carving experience, only to focus on the effect of light.

Sculptures coming soon!