erika anfinsen

Erika Anfinsen uses stone to create playful and energetic silhouettes. Using minimalistic  designs, she introduces a remarkable lightness to her carvings. In pieces such as her  sofa and  pillows, the stone appears to be soft and textured, giving the impression of delicate pieces of furniture. Here, the perfectly finished surfaces capture the folds and creases that would be found within the fabric; indentations perhaps left from the last sitter. She masters  the stone, creating works that can be relished, used and enjoyed rather than just viewed. By  effectively capturing the beauty of the everyday, Erika reimagines space by bringing the inside outside.  
Erika was born in Germany but now resides in Bergen. She divides her work between Bergen and Pietrasanta, where she sculpts  in marble. She has been carving  marble for 11 years, and has had numerous exhibitions at home and internationally, with several exhibitions this year in Norway and Pietrasanta. She has also made major artistic contributions to public spaces, including those in Germany, Italy, Austria and Norway.