david klein

David Klein’s figures and animals seem to grow organically from within the raw, craggy intensity of the ancient rock. By carving with the simplest of tools – hammer, point and claw – he protects the quieter, embryonic nature of his sculptures, inviting the viewer’s touch and appreciation of their frailty and beauty.  
“My principal interest is in form and line, its endless possibilities to calm, excite or surprise the eye whilst always being a uniquely physical encounter.”  
David was born in Wimbledon in 1962. He studied at Exeter and Guildford universities. At the age of 29, after a career in bio-medical engineering and following an extended trip across Africa in a landrover, David made the bold step into sculpture. He studied for 4 years in Stoke-on-Trent at the Elizabeth Frink School of Sculpture and Staffordshire University. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and was selected as a Victoria & Albert Museum Sculpture Finalist in 2006. David now lives and works on the South Coast, close to the stones he carves.