bridget mccrum

Bridget McCrum’s sculptures contain oblique references to the gentle curves of the hills of South Devon and the stark limestone cliffs carved by the wind and sea on the island of Gozo. But it is the motif of the bird that is most important to Bridget’s work. Telling the story behind her major new sculpture for on form 18, Bridget says:
“When in Khartoum on a visit to the Sudan, I saw in the museum a granite leg for a Pharaoh’s bed.  It had a bird sitting on the base, presumably to give the bed more stability.  I thought what a great idea for a sculpture; it looked as though the bird had hopped off the top and decided to sit on the base. It made me smile. So here it is!”
Bridget trained as a painter. She took up sculpture in her forties after bringing up her family. She has exhibited widely and her work is in many public and private collections around the world, including Minnesota Landscape Arboretum; Rolls Royce Aero Engines; Lismore Castle, Co Cork and Golden Door Foundation, San Diego. Bridget now works in Devon.