adrian gray

Adrian Gray was born in Bristol in 1961. His work is predominantly sculpture and photography based on the natural world of balance. He creates balancing sculptures using naturally weathered stone, usually by the coast. As the sculptures are transitory he captures them on film as evidence of their existence. To show live examples of his work he performs stone balancing demonstrations where he creates new sculptures on site.In the past 8 years his work has evolved to include new ideas and themes, but the predominant feature remains the beauty and seeming impossibility of balance.His sculptures for the garden and indoors are previously balanced compositions fixed permanently in position. The owners of the sculptures have a film of them being created/balanced to remind them of their once precarious state.Adrian Gray has exhibited widely, including, in 2014, the Domaine de Chaumont International Garden Festival and the Chelsea Flower Show. He has also appeared in numerous BBC and ITV broadcasts, including the award-winning Coast in 2010.