Steven Atkinson

Steven Atkinson originally trained as an architect before subsequently building a career as a 3D artist visualising building projects.

He is a graduate of the Diploma in Architectural Stone Carving at the City and Guilds of London Art School, where he developed his interest and technique in expressing abstract ideas using stone. He works in his studio in South London.

Most of my work to date has been an attempt to explore relationships and ideas concerning the human condition. By combining traditional devices, such as portraiture, with architectural elements and popular iconography, I strive to create pieces that examine various aspects of modern life.

Whilst a piece may sometimes evolve as the work progresses, it is usually the product of careful planning using state of the art 3D software to experiment with different configurations and ideas. It is this combination of technology and craft, the organic and the constructed, the timeless and the contemporary that continues to intrigue me and drive my work.

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