Regis Chaperon

French sculptor Régis Chaperon started working in stone at 17. Régis' natural sensitivity for form led him to Carrara and later to the University of Valencia, where he became engaged with contemporary concepts of art. Régis’ work has evolved from the figurative towards abstraction and design. Pure and simple lines combine with the use of texture to create contrasts between the polished finish and the natural break of the stone. Everything is aimed at revealing the beauty of the material, guided by fundamental concepts such as dynamism and sensuality. It is important to Regis that his sculptures should be an approachable medium that people can relate to.

Régis' sculptures are now in private collections in England, France and Spain. He has public work in Germany and Italy and has carried out public and private commissions worldwide. He has also become involved with urban and interior design, bringing together his artistic vision and his considerable technical knowledge of working with stone.

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