Louise Plant

Louise Plant’s work is sited throughout the UK, in Pune, India and held in numerous private collections.

Her work is concerned with human energy and movement. She examines how we interact and make relationships with the world, how we move within our space and how this changes when we share this space with others. She explores spaces and tensions encountered between real and imagined inner and outer worlds.

She received the Year of the Artist Award from the Arts Council of England in 2000, the Brian Mercer Marble Scholarship in 2007 and the Swedish KKV Bohuslän Scholarship in 2014.

Louise was elected Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors (FRBS) in 2014. She is currently on their Council and a selection panel member for the Brian Mercer Scholarships.

At on form, Louise is exhibiting the Ps. Ps possess ambiguous orientation without necessity for base or plinth. Each individual P stands alone or interacts with another forming a single or multiple sculptural mass. Unique in form, not fixed, the configuration of the individual or the group changes with relation to context and location. Ps are interactive, accessible and can morph in size and shape.


on form 18

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