Louise Plant

At the heart of Louise Plant’s series,‘Regatta' is movement. Carved in Portland limestone, Louise turns solid, complex masses into light and delicate forms. Much like a ripple in the water caught in motion, Louise’s sculptures show an intriguing marriage of controlled, carved lines with fluid form. Each line within the sculpture seems to have a figurative presence, whether that be a vortex created by an explosive rowing blade cutting through the water or the cyclical movement and energy felt within a rower, as they continue to push against the water beneath them. Giving equal significance to texture and surface by using the same carving techniques she learnt in Pietrasanta, Louise’s sculptures are visually striking; teasing the most extraordinary forms out of the stone. Despite the stone’s obvious static nature, there is a wonderful sense of aliveness and character within each one of Louise’s sculptures; a testament to Louise’s remarkable sculptural practice.

Louise Plant’s work is found throughout the UK, in Pune, India and in numerous private collections. In 2000, she received the Arstist of the Year Award from the Arts Council of England, the Brian Mercer Marble Scholarship in 2007 as well as the Swedish KKV Bohuslän Scholarship in 2014. Louise was elected Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors (FRBS) in 2014. She is currently on their Council and a selection panel member for the Brian Mercer Scholarships. Her studio is in Devon.


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