Jude Tucker

Using flowing forms to celebrate the beauty found in the natural world, Jude Tucker’s graceful sculptures stretch and curl into beguiling organic shapes, giving the impression of growth and development. By respecting and enhancing the natural qualities of the stone, Jude captures the grounding stillness of the material. Using a variety of stone from creamy limestone and alabaster to the harder blues of Ancaster weatherbed, Jude explores an array of light and flowing textures. As well as using the natural elements such as the rain and the light to visually enhance her sculptures, Jude focuses on their flow and energy, carefully carving by hand the contours of each surface. Whether it be the exploration of lines made by hand or the interlocking forms of soft limestone, the ethereal delicacy of Jude’s sculptures captures the sensitivity with which she carves. 

Jude Tucker is a sculptor based in south Warwickshire near Stratford upon Avon. She studied stonemasonry at Bath College after which she did a postgraduate course at the City and Guilds of London Art College. In 2011 Jude was awarded the Bernard Noble Foundation Sculpture Prize.  Jude now teaches stone carving in Long Marston and at residential courses in her workshop in Swanage. At present she continues to work exclusively with stone. Jude is represented by Jaggedart Gallery. 


on form 18

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