Jude Tucker

I have worked as an artist my whole life. I believe strongly that the artist can form an energetic link with their work which, at its best, imbues the completed piece with a subtle but strongly connective quality. To achieve this, I use machine tools as sparingly as possible during the making process and rely as much on touch as sight to realise each finished form.

After graduating with a fine art degree in 1974, I have worked with many different media to explore my affinity with natural forms and the landscape. For many years I concentrated on large scale charcoal drawings, but in 2002 I realised that my preoccupation with the play of light on form would be better served by working in 3 dimensions.and at the same time I was strongly drawn to work with stone. During 2003 I studied stone masonry in Bath and 2004 found me moving to London for a 2 year postgraduate diploma in stone carving at the City and Guilds of London Art College. During this time I had the opportunity to design and carve 2 grotesques for St. George's Chapel in Windsor.  I have been making sculptures in my Warwickshire workshop since 2006, and in 2011 won the Bernard Noble Sculpture Foundation Prize.

on form 14

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on form 2010

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