John Greer

A re-creation of myths, symbols and meanings, John Greer’s work focuses on oracles and money, using recognisable objects that were once used as a precursor to currency and language. Bones, stones and turtle shells are all loaded with cultural significance, becoming fragments of grand systems that crumbled long ago. Like so many of his sculptures, these works are enigmatic, evoking a feeling of ambiguity. John also tries to blur a sense of time. Instead, the present becomes an accumulation of the entire past and the past steadily becomes embedded in the present. What was once ancient becomes new, and what was once classic becomes instantly contemporary. As philosophical as they are playful, John’s sculptures focus on human history, linking us to a more universal and mysterious energy. Each piece at on form is an impactful example of John Greer’s unwavering commitment to the discourse of sculpture.

John Greer has exhibited his work extensively in Canada, USA, Korea and Europe since 1967. He taught sculpture for 26 years at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In this position his thinking and teaching shaped and influenced contemporary sculpture and three-dimensional art practice in Canada and abroad. John was recognized for this lifetime achievement and significant contribution to contemporary Canadian visual art with the Governor General’s Award in 2009 - Canada’s highest distinction in the field of art and culture.

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