John Bizas

Born in 1980 and raised on the Greek Island of Chios, John Bizas has had a passion for marble and sculpture since childhood. His love of marble took him to Florence and Carrara in 2008 - today he lives in Pietrasanta, the home of stone carving since Michelangelo first recognized the beauty of the stone. Negative space speaks volumes in John Bizas’s work; the way light travels in and around his pieces, as well as directing the gaze through his sculptures, is indicative of his style. John has exhibited widely in Italy, Greece, Germany and Belgium, and has undertaken public commissions in Thessaloniki, Greece.

My concept with the sharks series is to represent humanity as a hungry and aggressive shark, eating and destroying everything in its path. But whereas real sharks are doing that to survive, humanity is doing it for profit and pleasure. The seven arrows in Still 7 represent the seven deadly sins.

on form 16