John Bizas

Using the form of the dove in his ‘Peace’ series, John Bizas’ sculptures are imbued with a poignant socio-political commentary that seems particularly relevant today. Each dove is hollowed out, leaving a delicate and dainty outer-shell; a striking reminder of the fragility of the struggle for worldwide peace. Incorporating other materials such as rope, bullets and barbed wire into his sculptures, Bizas’ works speak for themselves, offering a haunting visual message of struggle. Beautifully and intricately carved, it is easy to see the skill with which Bizas has assembled each piece. By masterfully transforming contemporary social issues into works of art, Bizas instills each sculpture with a powerful reminder of humanity’s dark side. 

Born in 1980 and raised on the Greek Island of Chios, John Bizas has had a passion for marble and sculpture since he was a child. His love of marble took him to Italy in 2008. His work is in several public spaces across the world and has had numerous critically acclaimed exhibitions in Moscow, New York and Milan. John now lives in America and divides his time between his studios in the US and Greece.

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