Helaine Blumenfeld

Helaine Blumenfeld was a professor of philosophy before she turned to sculpture in the 1960s, finding that she wanted to communicate abstract concepts in a language that was not dependent on words. She works directly from her imagination, creating maquettes in clay, a process during which “I almost lose consciousness as I try to translate something that I’m feeling into this material. Suddenly I’ll begin to see form, shape, emotion.” She believes that at the core of creativity is the blurring of the distinction between emotion and reason.

“When making a work of art, in essence you are floating between conscious and subconscious parts of yourself. You want the same capacity in the viewer – the same unity of experience – that’s when they are receptive.” The shapes of clay are then either cast in bronze or, as in the work shown here at on form, carved in marble.

In 2007, Helaine Blumenfeld was awarded the International Sculpture Prize by Pietrasanta, where she creates much of her work. She is Vice President of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, and she has had numerous commissions and exhibitions, both solo and alongside renowned sculptors including Henry Moore. Her pioneering approach and the communicative power of her work have placed her at the forefront of contemporary sculpture.


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