Emma Elliott

Moved by the devastating losses to elephant and rhino populations from illegal and brutal poaching, Emma Elliott felt compelled to dedicate her work to the distressing decline of some of the planet’s most beautiful and ancient creatures. Reducing her ideas to raw, visual images, Emma creates powerful protest pieces, confronting the viewer with the tragic future of these magnificent beasts. In one piece, a coiled elephant trunk is infused into a fossil, in another a single rhino horn is mounted like a trophy - all that is left of these captured specimens. Although immortalised in stone, Emma reveals the conflict between the natural world and our own impact on the environment, highlighting the impermanence and fragility of the natural ecosystem.

Born in 1983, Emma Elliott studied art in Florence and received classical training in portraiture. It was only after she moved back to the UK that she began to build a conceptual portfolio of sculptural work. She has now been working with marble since 2012. Since then her work has continued to develop, often as an emotional response to her own experiences. Recognition of her work includes the Winter Pride 2014 and Passion for Freedom 2015 awards and her work is also held in a number of prestigious public and private collections.

Emma won our second on form bursary this year, for sculptors under 35 who are working in stone. 


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