Sculptors for on form 14

December 18, 2013

Thirty sculptors have been selected for on form 14, the eighth biennial exhibition of sculpture in stone in the spectacular setting of Asthall Manor and its gardens. The list includes nine sculptors who are entirely new to on form and a number who have returned following a break in recent years. Three will be bringing work from the world centres of stone carving, Pietrasanta, in Italy. The exhibitors are: 

Ekkehard Altenburger * Katusha Bull * Aly Brown * Regis Chaperon * Luke Dickinson * Chris Elmer * Adrian Gray * Kim Francis * Mel Fraser * John Joekes * David Klein * Emma Maiden * Alyosha Moeran * Szymon Oltarzewski * William Peers * Jordi Raga Frances * Ana Ruiz Agui * Matthew Simmonds * Sarah Smith * Matthew Spender * Guy Stevens * Tom Stogdon * Alasdair Thomson * Jude Tucker * Anthony Turner * Paul Vanstone * Johannes Von Stumm * Nigel Watson * Dominic Welch * David Worthington