jaya schuerch

In her sculptural practice, Jaya Schuerch uses pure, simple lines to approach and capture an essence, emotion or idea. Each piece combines with a narrative or story, adding to the complexity of the sculpture. Jaya experiments with texture and composition. The eclectic mix of soft, polished surfaces, chiselled lines and suspended stone, allow the sculptures to occupy their own, otherworldly space.   
“As a child, I loved the poignancy of the book ‘Are You My Mother?’  With this eponymous sculpture, I wanted to show the tension of that baby bird’s hopefulness, longing and indestructible eagerness in her search for her mother. I think it is that bird’s tenacity that impressed me the most.” 
Jaya was born in 1958 in Santa Barbara, California. She studied Mechanical Engineering, Botany and Biology before becoming an art assistant to Ira Ono in 1984. In 1986, Jaya came to Italy to pursue her love of sculpting. Jaya has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions. Her work is in numerous public collections across America, Europe, Taiwan, China, Africa and Australia. In 2001, she and three other sculptors founded Studio Pescarella in Pietrasanta.