Lotte Thuenker

Lotte Thuenker finds her inspiration in the movement of water, the hulls of boats and in the shipwrecks sanded by the sea, as well as in the elements. Her sculptures play with line and shape, allowing spirals, circles and pillars to appear from within the rough stone. Surfaces are finely polished, illuminating iridescent veins of colour. Exploring the contrasts between inside and outside, lustre and dullness, structure and fluidity, Lotte is able to find an equilibrium within each sculpture. By using shapes that can be found repeatedly in nature, Lotte allows the viewer to take a moment and truly appreciate the finer, more subtle details within her work.

 Lotte studied Architecture in Berlin and worked there as an architect for several years. In 1997 she moved to Italy and is one of the three founders of the international sculpture studio, Studio Pescarella, in Pietrasanta, Italy. She has shown her works in numerous exhibitions in Germany, Italy and Switzerland and is represented in numerous private and public collections in Germany, the Netherlands, Tunisia, the USA and Hong Kong. She now lives and works in Italy and Berlin.

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