David Klein

My principle interest is in form and line, its endless possibilities to calm, excite or surprise the eye whilst always being a uniquely physical encounter.

Whether working closely to the human form or exploring more abstract relationships, the process of both modelling in clay and carving in stone is at once intensely enjoyable and deeply engaging. It can seem almost a process of meditation within which a more intuitive and distantly familiar set of rules apply.

I feel proud to be working within the figurative tradition; it can span cultures, connect us with our ancestors and hopefully be intelligible to generations to come.

David was born in Wimbledon in 1962, and studied at Exeter and Guildford universities. At the age of 29, after a career in bio-medical Engineering and following an extended trip across Africa in a Landrover, David made the bold step into sculpture. He studied for 4 years in Stoke-on-Trent at the Elizabeth Frink School of Sculpture and Staffordshire University. David now lives and works on the South Coast, close to the stones he carves.


on form 14

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